Our Basic Grooming program is a 400 hr. program that prepares students to become pet groomers through hands on training, using state of the art equipment, and the use of text books, in class lectures and multimedia learning to help them be able to successfully graduate from the course and obtain a position in the grooming industry.  The course curriculum includes....

  • Bathing – (Shampoo knowledge and proper selection and application specialized shampoos and conditioners based on animal needs and coat variations.)
  • Drying – (All animals are dried using high velocity and fluff drying techniques to ensure proper preparation of the coat and animal’s safety.)
  • Brushing – (Proper selection and use of tools needed for coat type and condition to aid in deshedding, dematting and prep for grooming.)
  • Toe nail clipping and grinding to maintain healthy nail lengths.
  • Ear cleaning and removal of ear hair to prevent wax and dirt build up to help maintain healthy ear canals.
  • Use and Maintenance of Clippers and Blades.
  • Clipping and trimming – (Placement and understanding of setting patterns, as well as all over trims, to meet AKC breed standards, breed profiles, customers requests, coat variations and  pet needs.) 
  • Scissor and thinning shear knowledge and maintenance.
  • Scissoring and Thinning techniques and safety – (Proper handling and use of various scissoring and thinning shears to enhance finishing of grooming per breed standards and customer requests.)
  • Sanitation of salon, equipment and tools to prevent contamination and ensure a healthy work environment.
  • Animal Behavior – (Recognize different patterns in animal behavior and the ability to correct them to allow for a safe and happy grooming experience for both pet and groomer.)
  • Proper terminology, canine anatomy and structure – (Understanding and using proper grooming and anatomy terms when interacting with customers and understanding canine structure and how it pertains to grooming.)
  • Cat Grooming – (Proper and safe handling of feline client’s needs including bathing, drying, brushing, clippering and grooming of the coat. This is optional and not a required part of the hands on portion of the program.)
  • Animal First Aid and CPR – (Basic pet First Aid, learn how to recognize an emergency and administer proper treatment.)
  • Each student will also have the opportunity to take an additional Pet First Aid and CPR class, allowing them to become certified in Pet First Aid and CPR.

In addition to completing the 400 hours of this program, each student must successfully pass  a series of both written tests and hands on demonstrations over specific areas of the course before being eligible for graduation.
Written exams include AKC breed information knowledge and breed recognition of the following groups...
  • TOY
  • FINAL EXAM - AKC breed questions as well as grooming

Hands on demonstrations are given over varied groups in the AKC and the breed’s grooming instructions as outlined in the program…

  • B & B

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